WWC 2018


World Championship - new experience for volunteers

Another historic event - for the first time in our country the World Weightlifting Championship. Olympic village. Martial Arts Arena. Here are volunteers, witnesses of this historical event. Their harmonious preparatory activities for the Championships have inspired us to hold an interview with Kumush Allabayeva, the senior lecturer of the Department of languages of the Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Construction, she is also the head of the Volunteers Center.

- Dear teacher Kumush, first of all I would like to ask you to tell us about the volunteers’ preparation program for «Ashgabat 2018». 

- Currently, many activities are being implemented to train volunteers for the World Weightlifting Championships. The program is divided into 14 sections: «Accreditation», «Accommodation», «Workforce and volunteers», «Transport», «Meeting and escorting guests», «Facility management», «Sport», «Medical services and anti-doping», «Event services and ticketing», «Media and publishing», «Protocol», «Technology», «Catering and cleaning», «Ceremonies and sports presentation».

- What is the volunteers’ training schedule?

- Trainings are to be held between October 16 – 26, 2018. Volunteers are offered with special trainings on the special-general knowledge, field of activities, culture of speech and behavior, history of weightlifting, competition rules and schedule. 

- What is the language of training sessions?

- Training sessions are held in Turkmen language. There is no need to instruct them in international languages, such as English and Russian because we have involved volunteers with a good command of these languages.

- Probably, it is important for volunteers to learn the national peculiarities and culture of guests coming to our country?

- Sure. When guests arrive at the capital, at the airport, volunteers meet them according to their national culture. I think that this time the volunteers are better prepared, because they already had an opportunity to participate in several international competitions.

- How are organizational activities carried out for volunteers?

- As we know, there is a special uniform for each international competition that takes place in our country. There is also the special uniform designed for volunteers of these Championships. Their uniform, catering and transportation services are provided by the Weightlifting Federation of Turkmenistan.

- Dear teacher Kumush, thank you very much for updating us on volunteers’ activities. We wish great success to volunteers in «Ashgabat 2018», which will adorn the golden pages of history.

- All the best!

The conversation led Aybolek ABDYEVA,
Student of the «Sports observer» department of the «Mavi Yshyk» College of the State Committee of Turkmenistan on television, radio broadcasting and cinematography.

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