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Rejepbay Rejepov: «Olympic medal is my dream»

– Rejepbay, we wish you to continue your success in the Weightlifting World Championships which will kick off in a few days.

– Thank you very much! At the end of the last year we received good news from Anaheim, USA our country was awarded with a right to host Weightlifting World Championships 2018 and it was another evidence of the triumph of the global sport diplomacy of our President Arkadag. It is a great event that will strengthen reputation of our Motherland, which is being transformed into the sport country as a result of great activities carried out internationally under the leadership of our National Leader. 

Since those great days, I have been training with diligence to gain medal at sport event which will be held in our capital. One of my main goals is to meet expectations of our Esteemed President and citizens by achieving success in the Championships. 

– How do you assess current level of your preparation for the Championships?

– Upcoming World Championships require more responsibility comparing to previous competitions. In this competition, I will make a try not in 77 kg, which is my previous weight, but in 81 kg. Regardless this we can confidently say that we are ready for the Weightlifting World Championships. Within the program of high-level preparations, we have attended several training sessions this year. We should note that trainings which were held in March in Chimkent city of Kazakhstan, in April in capital of Uzbekistan Tashkent, in May in Antalya city of Turkey, in July-August in capital of Georgia Tbilisi, in August-September in Kostanay city of Kazakhstan, and lately in Antalya city of Turkey, ensured our perfect readiness for the competition.   

– In one of previous interviews, you have mentioned your Olympic dream. The World Championships to be held in our capital will be the main component of your dream.  

– One of the main features of the World Championships, which will be held in the Olympic Village of our capital, is the opportunity to gain a right to participate in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. This feature raise the importance of these Championships. I believe that I will be granted this right because Olympic medal is the biggest dream of every weightlifter who is engaged in Olympic sport.

– The success you gained in Weightlifting World Championships in Anaheim, USA last year corroborates our belief that your goals will be achieved. Our citizens expect more successes from you.

– I am glad that I was able to meet expectations of our President Arkadag and our citizens by winning the silver medal in Weightlifting World Championships 2017. I competed in 77 kg weight category in the Championships and lifted 158 kg at snatch, and 194 kg at clean and jerk. As a result, I succeeded to score 352 kg in total. This score was 9 kg less than the score of Muhammed Mahmoudthe, the winner of the bronze medal in Rio de Janeiro 2016.  However, it was 4 kg more than the score of Harrison Daze Maurus who was the junior champion last year. Hence, my score, which was only 1kg less than my score in Ashgabat 2017, resulted in silver medals in both categories and in total. 

– Who do you currently train with? 

– As a current mentor I can name Meretguly Sahetmuradov, the trainer of the High Sports Training School at the Ministry of Sport and Youth Policy. As a result of concerns of our Hero Arkadag, the training of our national team by famous international trainers results in our improvement. Currently, we are being trained by the famous coach of Turkey, Jafer Tufekchi, who also trained us during the preparation for Ashgabat 2017.  

– Your trainers mention that you conduct trainings with diligence and you are hardworking. 

– These characteristics are the most important requirements in achieving the success of your sport of interest. Moreover, while training I do my most favorite job.   
These characteristics led me to current achievements. During my study at the Institute of National Sport and Tourism of Turkmenistan, I tried to improve myself only in this area. I was not far from this even during my military service. Currently I work as an officer of the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan and proceed my career  and favorite sport simultaneously.   

– Could you please share what achievements have you gained by your diligence? 

– I am ten-times champion of our country in different age and weight categories. My first competition was in 2011.  It was Junior Championship held in Malaysia. 
The Year of Health and Inspiration, which was written in letters of gold in the history of Turkmen sport, was successful year for me too. I gained silver medal (77 kg) in Asian Championship, which was held in Olympic Village of our capital. In Ashgabat 2017, I succeeded to climb up to the top of the awards stand. 

– Thank you for your interesting conversation! It remains to wish you to enhance the reputation of Turkmen becoming the World champion and reaching Olympic success. May your place always be on the top of the awards stand!

– Thank you!

Interviewed by Amanmyrat MYRADOW. 

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