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Ahmet Saryyev: “We are looking for the successful performance from our athletes”

In anticipation of the World Weightlifting Championships, which will be held in our capital, city of Ahgabat, we have discussed the preparation for the competition with the head coach of the women's team of our country, honored coach of Turkmenistan Ahmed Saryyev. 

- When did you start coaching? 

- Since 1993, I have been employed as a coach, since 2014, I am coaching the women’s team. 

- Please tell us about the implementation of preparatory activities  on the eve of the Weightlifting World Championships. 

- Along with other sports, all conditions are created for the development and improvement of weightlifting in our country. Last year, our country has successfully organized and delivered “Ashgabat 2017”.  Having strengthened friendly relations, this event has demonstrated the Turkmen sport to the world. Our nation is looking forward to the World Weightlifting Championships in the year under the motto “Turkmenistan – the Heart of the Great Silk Road”. Delivery of such a prestigious event in our country requires great responsibility from both coaches and athletes.

Athletes of our national team train in modern sports complexes, in specially equipped facilities, halls. They work hard and train regularly. Our national team has visited training camps in several countries, such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, and recently visited Turkey.

– Which female weightlifters take part in the World Weightlifting Championships? 

- All members of the female team are engaged in  this sport since childhood and have an impressive experience under the belt. Yulduz Jumabayeva, the champion of Turkmenistan, international master of sport, bronze medalist of the Asian Championship in Ashgabat, will be competing in the weight category of 49 kg. We are looking for the successful performance of Kristina Shermetova in the weight category of 55 kg She is  the eight-time champion of Turkmenistan, international master of sport, bronze medalist of the Asian Games in Ashgabat, silver medalist of the 18th Summer Asian Games. Gulnabat Kadyrova, the many-time champion of Turkmenistan. International master of sport, participant of Rio Olympic Games 2016, will represent our country in the weight category of 71 kg. We should mention that Gulnabat Kadyrova could not participate in the Asian Games in Ashgabat due to her injury, but now she is well preparing for these World Championships.  

We really hope that our weightlifters will raise our flag in the upcoming World Weightlifting Championships. We sincerely believe in the strength of our women's team. All female weightlifters have successfully performed at the international competitions, Asian Games, the various Championships. They must gain high points at the world Championship to win a ticket to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Our national team has a huge potential for participation and successful performance in these competitions.

– Please share your wishes with our readers on the eve of the World Weightlifting Championships.  

– Success requires tireless work. One can achieve a great success with the regular trainings. I wish the great success to the athletes who will come from all over the world. Let them set new records in this sport. Let these Championships, as a sporting holiday further strengthen friendly relations between the peoples of the world.
– We wish you a good luck! 

- All the best! 

Conversation was hold by Mive Nabatova

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