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Weightlifting is my destiny

Pirguly Pirgulyyev, an athlete who made a weightlifting an integral part of his life, is training hard for the World Weightlifting Championships.  The student of Turkmen National Institute of Sports and Tourism P. Pirgulyyev answered our questions. 

― First of all, we would like to wish you good luck and success in the World Weightlifting Championships. What are your feelings about participation in this competition? 

― Thank you so much! Of course, it is a big responsibility to participate in this large-scale competition. That is the reason why we train hard day and night. We do our best to raise our country’s reputation. 

― Why did you decide to choose weightlifting? 

― I have been weightlifting for 15 years. I am the bronze medalist of “Ashgabat 2017” Games. My uncle, coach Meretguly Sahetmyradov supports me in this sport.  When I was younger, I always wished to become a coach as my uncle. 

― What do you do out of training hours?

― In my free time, I like reading books about people who played a great role in the history while being strong, persistent and brave. On top of that, I read books that impact positively on human psychology and inspire people.

― Apart of weightlifting, what sport would you choose? 

― To be honest, I have never thought about doing another sport. That is why I cannot imagine myself in any other sport. 

― Participation at the World Weightlifting Championships requires having a goal. What would you tell about this?  

― My main goal is to earn a right to participate in 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and to raise the flag of my Motherland!

― Thank you for finding some time for an interview! Moreover, we wish you a great success and good luck at the World Weightlifting Championships! 

Interviewer: Aygul Matiyeva,
Student of the Journalism Faculty of the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan

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