WWC 2018


The girl who changed athletics to weightlifting

Only few days left until the start of the World Weightlifting Championships to be held in Ashgabat city. At the threshold of this significant event, we held an interview with a member of Turkmen national team Aysoltan Toychiyeva.  

― When did you first have a desire to do weightlifting? 

― First, I was doing athletics. With the advice of my brother Hojamuhammet Toychiyev, I started to do weightlifting. Along with it, my brother Nurmuhammet Toychiyev has also chose this sport and keeps training. 

― I think it is a huge responsibility to do this sport as a female athlete!

― It is a huge responsibility and a challenge at the same time. When my mother heard that I want to do weightlifting, she was totally disagree, thinking that I will harm myself.  However, the prize places of my brother Hojamuhammet Toychiyev made her happy. My brother has not only inspired my love for sports, but at the same time, he has helped me to convince my mother to give a permission for this sport. That is how weightlifting became an integral part of my life.

― In what weight category are you competing in the World Championships?

― Before I was competing in weight category of 90 kg. According to the International Weightlifting Federation Regulations, new weight categories were approved for the World Weightlifting Championships to be held in Ashgabat city. Therefore, I will compete in the weight category of 81 kg at the World Weightlifting Championships. 

― Please, tell us about your coach? 

― I train with the honored coach of Turkmenistan Ikram Mammetkerimov. While teaching  me best practices of this sport, he is strengthening my faith in victory.

― Please tell us about your goal? 

― Every athlete has a desire to be awarded at the World Weightlifting Championships and to earn a right to participate in 2020 Olympic Games. In my turn, I set these kind of goals. 

― We wish success to you and all Turkmen athletes!

Interviewer Guncha Gurbanmammedova,
Student of the Sports Journalism Department the Turkmen National Institute of Sports and Tourism

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