WWC 2018


We want to raise Champions from our athletes!

We held an interview with the coach of Turkish National team Erkan Kayir, who came to Ashgabat to participate as a part of his team at the World Weightlifting Championships.

- We are truly delighted to welcome you in Turkmenistan!

- Thank you!

- How many athletes have arrived with you at the Championships?

- Ten athletes have arrived with us. They have demonstrated great results at the National Championships. 

- The World Championships require great preparations!

- This is a correct statement. We have been preparing for these Championships during 4 months. In the course of trainings, we conducted training in Spain. We also gained experience in our National Championships organized from our side. 

- Can you please briefly tell us about your athletes?

- I need to mention, that young athletes have arrived at the World Weightlifting Championships. There are no world champions among them. But, at the present time, our young athletes give us a great hope.

- Can you please tell us about your goal?

- My goal is to raise champions from these athletes and to perform at the 2020 World Championships.

- What can you tell us about the organization of the Championships? 

- Great efforts have been applied. All opportunities have been given for the organization of the Championships. I am admiring the beauty of your city, and we are very lucky to observe this beauty personally. 

Interviewer: Allanur CHARYYEV,
Student of the “Mavy Yshyk” college. 

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