WWC 2018


The large-scale well-organized preparation for the World Championships

The President of Polish Weightlifting Federation shared his impressions of the Ashgabat city and preparations for the World Championships.

- You arrived at Ashgabat to participate at the World Weightlifting Championships. Could you please share your impressions with us?

- We have good impressions of the buildings in the Olympic Village. We have been in many countries but the modern constructions here attracted our attention more.

- How are your training sessions being held?

- Our training sessions are going in a specially constructed building according to the plan. All conditions were created for this.

- You arrived well-prepared for the Championships, did not you?

- Of course, we are prepared! Continuous preparations have been completed for the participation at the Championships in Ashgabat. We arrived at Ashgabat with the group consisting of 10 people, among them 4 men and 6 women.

- What are the goals settled for the Championships?

- I think you will understand my goals. I just need to mention that European and World Champions are among the Polish National team.

- What can you say about the Championships right now?

- The well-organized preparation for the World Championships can be felt in every step. Especially, I want to mention works applied for the Look of the Championships.

Interviewer: Sylapberdi MAMMEDOV,
Student of the International Oil and Gas University.

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