WWC 2018


Yuri Melnikov: «We won the silver medal at the first attempt»

Kazakh team coach talks about the first medal, sport facilities of Ashgabat and Akhalteke horses. 

Male weightlifters’ competitions determined the first prize winners in the 55 kg weight categories. Aril Chontey won a silver medal and was the first member of the Kazakh team to stand on the medal podium. Kazakh team coach Yuri Melnikov answered our questions regarding the World Championships and the weightlifters.

– Congratulations on your athlete’s win. 

– Thank you for the congratulations. It’s always amazing to win, especially at the World Championships. We won the silver medal at the first attempt and now aiming at the gold medal in further competitions. 

– How many Kazakh team athletes participate at the World Championships? 

– There are 20 (twenty) athletes in our team, 10 (ten) female and 10 (ten) male weightlifters. 

– Please, tell us about your impressions about Turkmenistan.

– Turkmenistan is a neat, well cared country with beautiful buildings. We are impressed of the local sights. 

– Have you visited Turkmenistan before?

– I came here for  the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games 2017. This is my third visit.  

– What is your opinion on the organization of the Championships?

– Everything is well organized in these Championships. We hope that the rest of our team members will also win the prizes of the Championships. I would like to extend my gratitude to the Organizing Committee of these Championships. I believe Turkmenistan can perfectly host and manage the Olympic Games. All modern sport facilities of the Olympic Village are well managed.  

– Did you have a chance to visit beautiful sights of Ashgabat?

– I did not have a chance yet due to the team’s preparation schedule for the Championships. But I definitely plan to have a trip around the city after the Championships because I really enjoy my every visit to Turkmenistan. 

– Where would you like to go for sightseeing?

– I admire and love to look at Turkmen Akhalteke horses. If there is any chance, I would definitely go to the Akhalteke equestrian center.  

– We wish you and your team members great success. 

– We will do our best to meet our fans’ expectations. 

Interviewed by Guncha GURBANMAMMEDOVA,
Student of the National Institute of Sports and Tourism of Turkmenistan.

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