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Monico Puntevella: «The World Championships 2018 in Ashgabat will give a lot of joy to all participants and fans»

The representative of Philippines team shared his thoughts on the work of organizers for the World Championships and the secret of success on the platform. 800 athletes from 100 different countries are participating at the World Championships launched on November 1 in Turkmenistan. The representative of the Philippine national team Monico Puntevella with a great pleasure agreed to give an interview.

- How were you greeted in Ashgabat?

- I have been in many countries, I have been in many competitions and also Championships. The organization of such competitions requires a lot of effective output and strength. It is not easy to welcome hundredth or even thousands of athletes from all around the world.  While seeing the preparations for the World Championships, I was amazed by the work of national specialists, who managed to hold the big sport event on a high level for the members of all delegations from all around the world.

- What do you expect from the Championships?

- Our team has a serious candidate for wining prize place. Hidilin Dias is the honor of Philippines. The achievement of the twenty-seven-year-old female weightlifter is valued because the silver medal of the Summer Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) has become the first one in the history of weightlifting development in our country.

- How did her result influenced compatriots?

- I remember how the Philippines rejoiced then, and weightlifting became so popular that the sports sections were literally overflowed. And it sought to engage young boys and girls from poor families, which cannot even afford sportswear. Thus, the success of Hidilin Dias became a big breakthrough in this regard, and now weightlifting is one of the favorite sport for young people.

- What is your receipt of success on the platform?

- In weightlifting, an athlete, first of all, struggles with himself, with his doubts or worries before going to the bar on the platform. And as a result, the fault shall not be on the bar. The result is always up to you.

- What would you like to say for the young athletes?

- I advise them to engage in this sport systematically and tirelessly. It makes a person strong and confident. To sum up, I will  gladly note that our team have already immersed in the ocean of great sports event — the World Weightlifting Championships 2018. I am sure that the World Championships in Ashgabat will give a lot of joy to all participants and fans.


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