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Rebeke Koha: «The World Championships in Ashgabat have proved me that I can achieve the greater results»

The first great success was achieved by Rebeke in 2012. At that time, the 14-year-old citizen of Ventspils has earned the bronze medal at the Junior Continent Championship. The same result was achieved by her a year later when she got a chance to perform in the category with more weight – up to 48 kg. in 2016, the Latvian weightlifter has surprised the sport community being rated as the 4th female weightlifter in Rio Olympic Games! 

Afterwards, Rebeka was awarded the silver medal at the Senior European Championship and later on became the World champion among the junior athletes. Rebeka continued to fascinate spectators: Rebeka Koha was setting different records almost at all high-level competitions. The same applied in Ashgabat when she established 3 junior World records. 

– What were your feelings after the glorious performance at the World Championships? 

– That was a great success! That was a great honor for me to represent Latvia, to stand on the podium and to have a chance to listen to the anthem of my country. I am very happy to achieve such high results. Last year, in Anaheim I was also awarded the third place but the Championships themselves were not extremely competitive. The World Championships in Ashgabat have proved me that I can achieve the greater results.   

– Did you feel support of your country during the competition?

– Absolutely. I knew that many people in Latvia watch the World Championships and support me. Moreover, I know that my family, relatives and friends support me with a great passion. And of course, I always feel the support of my coaches who are nearby me all the times. They do their best to cheer me up and give necessary advice.  

– How much time should one contribute to the trainings in order to become the World champion? 

– A lot of time. I have two training sessions every day from Monday to Saturday. I also have a light training session on Sunday.  

– How successful were you in balancing sport and school?

– Of course it was very hard to do. I had to travel a lot for the tournaments and at the same time I had to devote enough time for the school. I was very lucky to have great professors who were supportive and assisted in the academic performance. 

– How did you decide to get involved in the sport which is not typical for female athletes? 

– First of all, sport was always a big part of my parents’ life. My father enjoys powerlifting. He used to take me to the gym sometimes. So when my first coach Ulvis Berzons came to our school with the proposal to get involved in weightlifting I got interested in such proposal. Only few boys from my class have attended the first training sessions. Afterwards, I joined them and my friend was already a part of weightlifting. I watched the sessions, then tried some exercises myself and I liked that.   

– Could you imagine that one day you will become the World champion? 

– Of course, I could not (Rebeka laughs).
We are confident that Rebeka Koha will be able to achieve the Olympus heights, to win World Championships, European Championships and of course Olympic Games!   

Source: www.grani.lv

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