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Accountant – vice-champion

In his interview a few days ahead of the World Weightlifting Championships, Rejepbay Rejepov (the weightlifter from Turkmenistan) has announced that Mahmoud Mohamed is one of the strongest rivals at the World Championships. So, we had interview with the strongest rival who won silver medal in 81 kg weight category. 

First of all, we would like to provide a couple of interesting facts from the biography of Mahmoud Mohamed Ihab Youssef Ahmed. He was born in 1989 in Cairo, Egypt. His university major was psychology, now he works as an accountant. Besides weightlifting he is engaged in wrestling. He won gold medal at the World Championships last year in Anaheim.

― Congratulations on your victory! What are your thoughts on the Championships? 

― Thanks. To win gold medal in snatch, to win bronze medal in clean and jerk, to win silver medal in total is a great happiness. However, the result is not as I expected. 

― What is the reason for that?

― If I could lift 203 kg in the third attempt of clean and jerk, I would have renewed the world record among seniors. But...

― What can you say about experience of your rivals from China?

― Chinese athlete Lyu Xiaojun who lifted 374 kg in total is the three-time World Champion. On top of that, he won gold medal in London Olympics. Chinese athlete Li Dayin who managed to lift 372 kg in total is an experienced athlete regardless of his young age. 

― Were you interested in weightlifting since your childhood? 

― Yes, since the moment when I was 8. After seeing victories of Iranian athlete Hossein Rezazadeh and Chinese athlete Tian Tao my interest in weightlifting increased more.

― What is your further goal?

― Of course my further goal is to become the Olympic Champion. 
― I wish you success in your goal!

― Thank you!

Interviewed by Aybolek ABDIYEVA,
Student of the Sport Observer Department of «Mavy Yshyk» College.

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