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Gold medals of Lidia

The first competitions for the gold medals between female weightlifters in 81 kg weight category of Group A started on the 8th day of the World Championships. There were many fans at the competition where the weight requests were increasing one by one. 

Lidia Valentin Perez from Spain managed to lift 113 kg in snatch and earned the gold medal. She was the World champion at the World Championship 2017. In 2008, she earned the silver medal at the Olympic Games held in Pekin, in 2016 she earned the bronze medal in the Olympic Games 2016 held in Rio de Janeiro, also she is the four-time champion of Europe.

The Kazakh weightlifter from Group B Raushan Meshikhanova became the silver medalist. Raushan managed to lift 108 kg and have won the second place. This is the first international competition for the weightlifter from Kazakhstan. 

Darya Naumova (108 kg) from Belarus earned the bronze medal. At the Olympic Games 2016 held in Rio de Janeiro she earned the silver medal.

In the clean and jerk performance Salazar Arce Tamara Yajaira (137 kg) from Ecuador earned the gold medal. Darya Naumova (137 kg) received the second place. Valentin Perez Lidia (136 kg) from Spain was awarded the bronze medal. 

No one could be compared with a weightlifter Valentin Perez Lidia, she kept a wide margin in the total result. She became the World champion for the first time. She managed to lift 249 kg and earned the gold medal. Darya Naumova managed to lift 245 kg and was awarded the silver medal. Salazar Arce Tamara Yajaira from Ecuador (242 kg) earned the bronze medal. 

A female weightlifter from Turkmenistan Aysoltan Toychiyeva managed to lift 219 kg and took the third place in Group B.

Student of Sports Observer Department of the «Mavy Yshyk» College.

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