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David Mosinyan: «Their beauty is in their national dresses»

We interviewed the doctor of the National team of Armenia David Mosinyan who came to the 84th World Championships which is happening in the capital of Turkmenistan - Ashgabat. He shared his impressions and answered to the questions prepared for the website ashgabat2018.com.

- Is this your first time in Turkmenistan?

- I have heard a lot that large-scale competitions are held in Ashgabat. Now I had a chance to participate in such kind of competitions. Thus, I had an opportunity to see personally what I have heard about before.

- Can you please tell us about your National team?

- We came with 8 athletes from Armenia to the World Weightlifting Championships. There are 4 females and 4 men weightlifters. Olympic champions and Youth champions of Europe are among them. We held only two weeks of preparations, because we have participated at the Youth Europe Championships. Our athletes work hard to show good results. Hakob Mkrtchyan is the silver medalist at the competition among men in the weight category in up to 89 kg. 

And today, on the 9th day of the World Championships we are expecting successful performance of the champion of Europe Simon Martirosyan in the competition among men in the weight category of up to 109 kg. 

- Have you shared thoughts with Turkmen doctors?

- I got a chance to meet Turkmen doctors. I had a chance to share thoughts and got advice from them. It is visible in every step that everything is done to improve medical services and sport doctors.

- What can you tell about Turkmen national dresses?

- Of course every country has its own history and culture. There is something common in Turkmen and Armenian national dresses. The common thing is the beauty of these dresses. Actually every national dress demonstrates cultural peculiarities. Especially national «tahya» and ornaments left a nice impression on me. 

- Thank you for your time and interesting thoughts!

- Thank you!

Interviewer Sylapberdi MAMMEDOV,
Student of the International University of Oil and Gas.

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