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Mariya Korobova: «All weightlifters are real heroes for me»

Mass media broadcasts the World Weightlifting Championships on a large-scale level. In our turn, we interviewed Mariya Korobova, the host of Russian «Match TV».

- «Match TV» practices instant broadcasting of the news for its spectators!

- Yes, with our team we are preparing news from these World Championships for our channel. And in a short time we plan to make a video about Championships, after the collection of all small news. 

- When we are saying «Match TV» we start thinking of live broadcasting…

- Yes, of course. In a short period of time our channel became popular with the live broadcasting. And at these Championships we are showing all news via live broadcasting.

- What attracts spectator more at the World Championships in Ashgabat?

- I can say that the introduction of new weight categories, new world records set by the athletes increase the attention of spectators a lot.

- Are you interested in weightlifting?

- If you are working at the sports channel it is important to be informed of every sport not only to be interested in every aspect of it. Actually, weightlifting considers to be the hard sport. All weightlifters are real heroes for me.

- Is this your first time in Ashgabat?

- Yes, this is my first time here. To be honest, I was really happy when they told me that we are going to Turkmenistan. My colleagues who have been in Ashgabat before, told me a lot about the beauty of the city and the hospitality of Turkmen people.  For now, I have been in the Olympic Village and memorial complex «National memory» but I plan to see more of the Ashgabat. 

- If we say that the sports journalist is the first observer of international competitions we will not be mistaken. What do you think about these Championships?

- The organization of the Championships was on the high level. What I was interested in a lot, was the emblem of Championships, Turkmen dog alabay. My first streaming about the Opening Ceremony was recorded in front of the statue of the alabay dog named Wepaly. And I must mention that the Opening Ceremony was performed on the Olympic Games level.

- I wish success in your work!

- We wish you the same!

Student of the Sports Observer Department of the «Mavy Yshyk» College. 


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